CNC Milling Service

Machining Services in St. Jacobs, ON

At DNF Metals, we take pride in having the technology and equipment to deliver excellent machining services in St. Jacobs, ON. We use different tools to cut, mill, turn, and drill materials into custom products. Continue reading through this page to learn more about the equipment we use. Contact our metal fabrication shop with your questions.

EDM CNC Machine While Cutting the Sample Work

CNC Machining

We have a superspeed HAAS VF2 CNC milling machine in-house. The equipment helps us to promptly and accurately manufacture our products.

Steel Parts for Industrial Machinery Round Shape

Auto Desk

We use Fusion 360 to draw our parts and create toolpaths for machines up to 4 axes. Our team works with the following:

  • Low Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plastics
  • Hard Metals
  • Car Parts
Press Brake Forming

Press Brake Forming

We have access to press brake forming machines. Usually, these beasts are used to bend and create laser-cut blanks after they have been cut into formed parts.

CNC Lathe Turning Center

CNC Lathe Turning Center

We also have a CNC lathe turning center, similar to the CNC milling machine. This equipment spins the metal and cuts layers of the steel metal to create a smoother, rounder shape.